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1. Basic information of the sewage unit

Company Profile

Shandong Loncom Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is located in the east of Jingqi Road, Qihe Economic Development Zone. At present, the company's main production and operation products are rosuvastatin calcium API .

At present, the company has not obtained a sewage permit. The scope of this application for sewage permit is the production equipment involved in the "Project of Shandong Longcom Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 15,000 kg of rosuvastatin calcium and new drug research and development base."

Second, sewage information

Name of main pollutants:

(1) Exhaust gas: methanol, ethanol, ethyl acetate, odor, dust, etc. Absorbed through exhaust gas treatment equipment to meet standard emissions

(2) Waste water: discharged through sewage treatment station

Number of discharge ports: 4 (3 of which are exhaust gas discharge ports and 1 sewage discharge port)

Pollutant emission standard: comprehensive emission standard for atmospheric pollutants GB16297-1996, emission standard for malodorous pollutants GB14554-93, emission standard for boiler air pollutants in Shandong Province DB37 / 2374-2013 emission standard for boiler air pollutants GB 13271-2014 Shandong area DB37 / 2367-2013 Comprehensive Emission Standards for Sexual Air Pollutants

3. Construction and operation of pollution prevention facilities

The company's environmental protection facility investment is 14 million yuan, accounting for 5% of the total investment, which is higher than the environmental protection investment in the same industry. Environmental protection facilities mainly include: 3 exhaust gas absorption towers, a complete sewage diversion and rain sewage diversion system, 1 set of sewage treatment station, and 1 set of automatic online monitoring equipment for wastewater.

The exhaust gas produced by the company is absorbed and removed in the adsorption box of the spray tower by the induced draft fan, and the efficiency can reach 92%. The 15-meter exhaust pipe installed on the roof is used to achieve the standard emission. All raw materials of the company are stored in a closed warehouse, and there is no open storage.

In terms of wastewater treatment, the company invested 9 million yuan to build sewage treatment equipment, and after this set of treatment, it reached the discharge standard. In 2017, the company invested 300,000 yuan to equip the sewage effluent online testing facilities and operate normally to ensure that the wastewater is discharged up to standard.

The company regularly monitors pollutant discharge indicators in strict accordance with the requirements of the environmental protection department, and all data are qualified. In order to actively fulfill its environmental protection responsibilities, the company publicly announces the main pollutant discharge situation to the society in a timely manner and accepts the supervision of the whole people.

4. Environmental impact assessment of construction projects and other environmental protection administrative licenses

In May 2013, Shandong Langcom Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. commissioned the Dezhou Environmental Protection Science Research Institute to conduct an environmental impact assessment of the project of Shandong Langcom Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 15,000 kg of rosuvastatin calcium and new drug research and development base. On June 13, 2013, the Environmental Protection Bureau of Dezhou City obtained the approval of the environmental impact report, and the approval number was Dehuanbanzi [2013] No. 80. At present, the first phase of 10,000kg / year Rosuvastatin calcium raw material has been completed and put into production, and passed the acceptance of the Dezhou Environmental Protection Bureau on October 21, 2014. The acceptance number is Dehuan [2014] No. 52.

V. Contingency plans for sudden environmental incidents

The company's "Emergency Plan for Environmental Emergencies" was filed with the Qihe County Environmental Protection Bureau, and the record number: 371425-2016-012-L.

6. Other public environmental information


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